Casal dels Països Catalans a Califòrnia


Amb la creació d'aquest Casal, la nostra intenció és construir un lloc de trobada per als catalanoparlants i els simpatitzants de la cultura dels Països Catalans que viuen a San Diego, Tijuana i voltants. Al mateix temps volem contribuir a la difusio i el foment de la llengua, història i cultura dels Països Catalans. També són benvinguts tots aquells interessats en la cultura i llengua occitana.

El Casal fou inaugurat el 6 de Febrer de 2005 a San Diego.


By creating this House, our purpose is to build a meeting point for the Catalan-speaking people of San Diego and Tijuana and the sympathizers with the culture of the Catalan Countries. At the same time we want to contribute to the promotion of the language, history, and culture from the Catalan Countries. We also welcome people interested in the Occitan culture and language.

This association was inaugurated on February 6th, 2005, in San Diego.


Qui som?

Som un grup alegre i acollidor que vol celebrar la cultura catalana, la llengua, els aliments i les tradicions. Alguns de nosaltres som catalans i alguns de nosaltres som d'altres parts del món que tenim relació amb la cultura catalana. Sigui quina sigui la vostra raó per voler unir-vos, us donem la benvinguda a la nostra casa i esperem veure't aviat.


We are a lively and welcoming group who loves to celebrate Catalan culture, the language, food and traditions. Some of us are Catalan and some of us are from other parts of the world that have a connection with Catalan culture. Whatever your reason for wanting to join, we welcome you to our casal and hope to see you soon!


Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in our community. As they say, “it takes a village” , and we wouldn’t be here celebrating Catalan culture without the help and participation of our community members. Below are a few ways to get involved.


Sign Up For a Program

Practice your Catalan, meet others at our monthly Meet+Greet or consider joining our book club. We also have Els Petits, a club for kids. We have many programs to connect with others.

Join us at our next event

Our events are fun, fun, fun! We do our best to host them in alignment with Catalan holidays. Please view our events calendar to see what we have in store for the end of 2018 and into 2019.

Host an event or gathering

Do you feel inspired to host an event or gathering? Let us know! Events can be hosted at a park, the beach or a home. We are always so happy to gather and appreciate anyone who steps forward to host or plan.

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Need help with something? Looking for a tutor, nanny, housecleaner, contractor, a job?

View our classifieds page to see what opportunities lie within our community.

Alternately, do you have a job to post or want to advertise your services to our casal?

We can post a classifieds notice for you.


Let’s keep in touch…

If you would like to be added to our casal Whatsapp group, please email with your name and phone number to be added.

**de tant en tant, parlem coses de política

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